Spring Charity Bike Ride 2016 


13 of us set off from Dunkirk and between us we have cycled 3330 miles across France, Belgium and Holland, we have had 2 punctures, 4 crashes (3 of them were James Richards!). Yet somehow everybody completed the routes and for some they cycled even further do to going the wrong way, 17 miles the wrong way to be precise.

We were raising money for Spring Housing to support people that are destitute by providing housing, support and basic amenities. So many of you have given amazingly to the cause and we even got donations from people we met on way which was awesome, thank you random Dutch people we loves yous!

Needless to say 100% of the money we will raise goes directly to the cause.
At the end of every little chapter its a time of reflection and i’m immensely proud of everybody that works for Spring and the 8 that made the trip were a credit to us and they quite simply smashed it ! (with a smile on their face for good measure).

Thanks again for the brilliant support we have had, and apologies if i haven’t sent personal messages to those that have donated i will get round to it this week!
The link if anybody would still like to pledge is http://bit.ly/28KiJs9.

It was an epic journey quite literally, and sincere apologies to everybody that saw me in Lycra you didn’t deserve that!