Customer Survey 2015-2016



This is the first customer feedback survey to be conducted by Spring Housing Association, the aim of the survey is to measure the overall customer experience and measure the quality of service delivery.


Surveys within the sector are a crucial way of gathering your customer opinion on service delivery. The results of any survey are central to setting out key objectives, benchmarking performance against peers and most importantly, understanding our customer requirements and views so we can re-shape services and improve customer satisfaction.

Using the same survey type means we can compare our results with other housing associations and share our findings with you. The results will also be benchmarked against the Housemark ‘STAR database’ for the core satisfaction questions.


Objectives & Timelines

The overall objective is for Spring HA to assess ‘customer experiences against service delivery as mentioned above.


When compiling our survey we have involved our customers and key stakeholders to ensure we formulate a comprehensive set of questions, we have also themed our questions in line with the Homes and Communities (HCA) Four Consumer standards.


HCA; The four consumer standards are:

  • Tenant Involvement and Empowerment
  • Home
  • Tenancy
  • Neighbourhood and Community

The survey was sent out to all of our customers residing in our supported and general needs housing stock (>190).


  • Conclusion


Overall the survey results have been very positive with high satisfaction rates being recorded across the various strands, although we were a little disappointed that only 43 (22.6%) %)customers returned their completed forms back to us (fully or partially completed).

Moving forward we will be using the results of the survey to help us further improve the overall customer experience.


Complete Survey results: Please click on the link below


Customer Survey 2015 – 2016 results – PDF


Sample comments from customers

‘I am happy in this property, everyone is pleasant and gets on, I couldn’t of found a better place’

Anonymous customer from Frances Road, Erdington.

‘Happy with service provided and staff are very helpful and supportive in all matters, keep up the good work’

Anonymous customer from Hunters Road, Hockley.


‘Generally great service offered by Spring, Thank you’

Anonymous customer from Hunters Road, Hockley.


‘This is my first time in shared housing, if I had to do it again it would only with Spring Housing Association’

Anonymous customer from Brookfield Road, Hockley.