We are committed to improving our services and adapting them to meet the needs of our customers.

Measurement plays an important part in helping the board of management and senior management understand where we need to improve and how much change we have brought about.

Publishing this information is also very important to help our stakeholders understand how we are performing and to hold us to account.

Each year, as part of the business planning process, the boards agree the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to measure and monitor performance. The indicators selected help the boards assess the progress that is being made in delivering the objectives set in the Business Plan. Some of these KPIs are retained each year so that trends in performance can be analysed over long periods of time. Others are introduced to assist the boards determine how well we are coping with new challenges and priorities.

View our performance reports:

Customer Surveys

Using the same survey type means we can compare our results with other housing associations and share our findings with you. You can find out more about surveys on the Housemark website.

Our Spring Customer Surveys is the most important survey we do and a crucial way of gathering your opinion. The results are central to setting our key objectives, benchmarking our performance against our peers and, most importantly, understanding our residents’ requirements and views so we can re-shape services and improve resident satisfaction.

For more information on our annual survey results please see the below publications.


Customer Survey 2016 – 2017 results – PDF