Sample Resources

Download the ZIP file below. UnZIP it on your own computer. It contains many sample documents that may be worth looking at as a basis for your own, rather than taking lots of time reinventing the wheel. There are also a range of background information and sample documents to be found in the Levol-app programme – see the training section below.

When you download the Zip file you will be able to access the following folders and content.

Click here to download: Volunteering Resources

Volunteer Coordinator/Manager Training

Levol-app is a modern, flexible, online training platform that has been developed, tried and tested in Europe by a five city partnership, including our friends at Birmingham Voluntary Services Council (BVSC). We’ll be piloting a delivery approach in Birmingham with a small group of local ‘volunteer coordinators’. We expect to start at the end of February or into March, but will discuss with those interested in participating.

Note that this is a pilot programme being evaluated as we go. We expect to offer free places to only 6 organisations. Book your place as soon as you’re ready to commit!

If you want to discuss the programme and your participation in it, please contact: – happy to arrange an informal call or Zoom! We are full currently, but have a short waiting list in place in case anyone drops out.

Participants will access everything for free in exchange for simple feedback, so self-study, group discussion, mentoring and templates/resources. You can go at your own pace and create your own course from available units, as you prefer. We can guide you as needed. In return, we just ask for your insights to help us to learn about what works and what doesn’t as we seek to possibly developing a qualification from the existing programme. Win-Win! Our expectation is that each participant completes a start and end self assessment form, tick box based, and then has a short phone or Zoom conversation with our evaluator. Very easy.

This early bird opportunity is currently open to Perry Barr Neighbourhood Network Scheme organisations and groups, as well as individual community activists who want to expand their work into supporting volunteers. Priority will be given to those currently working with volunteers, but we also hope to offer a place to someone new to volunteer management and keen to develop their career in this direction, or who’s looking to start a new volunteering programme within their community. We may also open the pilot up to groups beyond Perry Barr, let us know if you’d like us to consider your involvement – contact:

So, if you feel you’d benefit from practical training on the key areas of volunteering coordination, this could be a great no cost option. Your contribution to the evaluation will help our learning and future development, so hopefully in turn you’ll be benefiting others who may come along after you.


The Levol-app platform contains nine learning units, covering the key essentials of volunteer management. Each includes a theoretical part, practical exercises and plenty of external materials and templates.

  1. Planning a volunteer programme
  2. Organisation of the volunteer programme
  3. Designing volunteer positions
  4. Recruiting the right volunteers
  5. Matching volunteers to the role
  6. Preparing volunteers for success
  7. Support and supervision in managing volunteers
  8. Monitoring and evaluation of volunteer programmes
  9. Recognition of volunteers.

Besides self-learning, we’ll offer optional group discussions and one to one mentoring, all free. You will receive a completion certificate to recognise the knowledge and skills acquired, alongside invaluable free access to editable templates, policies and guidelines to create and support your volunteering programme. There may be opportunity to obtain the qualification later, once developed.

To discuss the programme or your participation in it, or to sign up, please contact: – happy to arrange a call or Zoom!

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

About the course facilitator/mentor

The pilot programme will be run by Dave Conroy, who works as a freelance project/programmes manager and senior interim. Based in Birmingham, he has specific interests in asset based community development (ABCD) and solution focused brief therapy. He has created and managed dozens of large and small scale volunteering projects and programmes, so possesses a very wide range of practical, hands on experience, including recruitment and retention, on and offline promotion, the design and use of volunteering databases, programme and project evaluation, volunteering strategy and funding. He has been in and around volunteering for nearly 40 years and is an experienced volunteer himself, involved in all kinds of organisations from Samaritans and ATD Fourth World UK to Food Cycle.