Sample Resources

Download the ZIP file below. UnZIP it on your own computer. It contains many sample documents that may be worth looking at as a basis for your own, rather than taking lots of time reinventing the wheel. There are also a range of background information and sample documents to be found in the Levol-app programme – see the training section below.

When you download the Zip file you will be able to access the following folders and content.

Click here to download: Volunteering Resources

You can access a range of resources and advice via this link: more Volunteering Resources



Provides guidance but not templates.  Guidance can be used to create checklists and templates.

Voluntary Action Leicester

Bexley Voluntary Service Council

OCL: Taking Part in the Voluntary Sector

Section 3 covers recruitment, induction, retention, managing volunteers + volunteers leaving. References are dated 2016 but there is still useful information which is clear and concise.

Princes Trust

Community CVS

Park Run

IVR – Guide to collecting & using volunteer data





New Beginnings

Role Description 

Suited for Success

Expression of interest 

Age UK Sheffield

Age UK Lancashire

Cruse Bereavement Care

Volunteer Agreement 



American but topical and relevant


Woodcraft Folk

MS Society – includes role specific induction checklists

Risk Assessment

Volunteering Matters – includes role-specific risk assessments

HSE – guidance for voluntary organisation on managing low risk activities with volunteers

Learning & development 

Strawberry Field

Rosterfy – recognition & reward, blog


MS Society – processes

Home Start

Digital Software

Go Assemble – general

Track It Forward

Galaxy Digital – volunteer surveys

Question Pro – has free surveys for NfPs

Volunteer Hub – guidance with link to digital survey [US]

Volunteer Coordinator/Manager Training

Levol-app is a modern, flexible, online training platform that has been developed, tried and tested in Europe by a five city partnership, including our friends at Birmingham Voluntary Services Council (BVSC). Participants can contact BVSC to see if it’s running, tho currently (May 2022) you can access everything for free, so self-study and templates/resources. You can go at your own pace and create your own course from available units, as you prefer.

The Levol-app platform contains nine learning units, covering the key essentials of volunteer management. Each includes a theoretical part, practical exercises and plenty of external materials and templates.

  1. Planning a volunteer programme
  2. Organisation of the volunteer programme
  3. Designing volunteer positions
  4. Recruiting the right volunteers
  5. Matching volunteers to the role
  6. Preparing volunteers for success
  7. Support and supervision in managing volunteers
  8. Monitoring and evaluation of volunteer programmes
  9. Recognition of volunteers.

You will receive a completion certificate to recognise the knowledge and skills acquired, alongside invaluable free access to editable templates, policies and guidelines to create and support your volunteering programme.

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